Secret Green Coffee

s1Are pills having “Chlorogenic acid” really the solution to weight loss? To delve deeper into this mystery of green coffee and weight loss, I tried out Secret Green Coffee. Let’s figure out whether it really works or is all talk.


It is a weight loss supplement which helps the body in facilitating biological weight loss. It promises exercise, diet and side effect free weight loss and claims to serve as the all in one solution for those who haven’t seen any success with dieting and exercising. It also claims to be an on the go supplement and can be used while travelling.

What are the Ingredients?

Vital ingredient is Secret Green Coffee:

  • Chlorogenic Acid

  • Antioxidants

  • Caffeine

How Does Secret Green Coffee Trigger Weight Loss?

Chlorogenic acid is responsible for:

  • Impediment of fresh fat creation and storage in the bodys4

  • Blockage of citrate lyase, enzyme that results in fat conversion

  • Prevention of fat absorption in stomach and bloodstream

  • Enhancement of serotonin for cutting back emotional overeating

  • Management of stress hormone cortisol to burn belly fat

  • Boost natural metabolism to burn fat inside the body

What Does it Promise?

  • Easy weight loss

  • Increased energy

  • Lowered cravings

  • Diminished fatigue

When to Expect Results?

The official website mentions that one should at least use the supplement for about 20-30 days to see visible results.

How to use?

Take 2 capsules everyday as per the instructions. Though the capsules work pretty effective on its own but dieting and exercise speed up the results. So you can add them in if you want fast results.

How was my Experience?

Pretty satisfying. Secret Green Coffee worked for me. I lost around 5lbs of weight mostly from my thighs and waist. I also didn’t feel the need to snack in between meals and was much energetic. Usually, I am drowsy post lunch but while on supplement, it didn’t happen. Even after continuous month long dosage, I didn’t feel any side effects.

Since it’s effective and safe, I would recommend it.


  • 800mg of concentrated Chlorogenic Acid per servings7

  • Healthy, effort free and swift weight loss

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Natural, tested and binder-filler, chemical free ingredients

  • No side effects

  • Manufacturing unit is licensed and authorized

Buy Online?

Secret Green Coffee can be availed directly through an online order from its official website.

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